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With an extensive talent network, Creative Humans offers an easy way to find the best video production companies and professionals for your next project. Whether you want to work with a studio or need to hire directors, editors, and other roles, explore our directory to find what you need for your production.

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Search and compare

Review and filter work by budget, style, industry, role and more.

Diversify your creative network

Find voices that understand and connect with your audience's taste, style and culture.

Control your budget

Produce more content without sacrificing quality.

Give your team superpowers

Bolster your in-house team with our network of vetted professional creatives.

You need help...

  • Filling your RFPs
  • Finding fresh talent
  • Making your video look amazing
  • Staying within shrinking budgets

What we do...

  • Help your in-house team achieve faster turnarounds
  • Connect you with the best film production companies and driven creatives who understand your vision and how to make it a reality
  • Introduce you to new styles of video that best match your objectives
  • Keep costs down by reducing overhead and inefficiencies

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If you’re a studio or freelancer looking for work, join the Creative Humans network today. You can showcase your work on our platform, apply to jobs, and get connected with new clients in no time.

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Are you a marketer looking for a smarter way to produce great content?

We connect advertisers, broadcasters and publishers with a network of award-winning video production companies and freelance creators.

We combine agency-style service with our direct-to-source model to create high quality, original video content with expert talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I see any contact information for the creators?

    Our job at Creative Humans is to make the first introduction, so you won’t find URLs or any personal links back to their work. Each creative is assigned a unique Creator ID number. You share that with us and we’ll be happy to help make the introduction.

  • What does a typical video cost?

    We pride ourselves with having professional filmmakers on our site. On average, the cost for most videos can run anywhere from 30k-300k. Our creatives are a global and diverse group all of whom are experienced with working with different styles and budgets.

    A smaller budget doesn't always have to limit creativity. For example, rather than a full team, we could provide you with a talented freelancer who could work remotely to help manage costs. We are always ready to help brainstorm different approaches to help execute your creative vision within budget.

  • What kind of experience do your creatives have?

    We look for creatives who are seasoned professionals with the ability to work independently. The days of the supervised edit are fading quickly and we know that you need to hire reliable talent who can collaborate, take direction and help execute a project to completion. Of course this isn’t to say you won’t be involved in the creative production, but it does mean that you can be confident the creative you hire knows how to get the job done with expertise and originality, without hand-holding.

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