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Darlene Liebman
Founder and ceo


Creating videos and finding talent is not always as easy as it seems. Every production is different and video teams can quickly get stretched. Creative Humans was built to help give Global Brands, Media Companies, Ad Agencies, Marketing Departments and Production Companies a valuable resource to turn to when they need that additional support.

We give our clients access to a curated community of award-winning video creators, both individuals and teams, allowing them to connect directly with the most talented creatives working today. Creative Humans was designed to help advertisers and marketers with the new challenges we are all facing – shrinking budgets and tight deadlines.

Using the Creative Humans platform is simple...clients can post a job and receive pitches back from creators, quickly, sometimes as soon as the next day. It’s fast and easy professional matchmaking at its best.

What makes us different from other platforms or staffing services? We pride ourselves on our experience and commitment to excellence, along with a deep understanding of creative talent. We focus solely on video production and everyone found on our site already has extensive experience working directly with big brands, agencies and media companies.

At Creative Humans, video is the only language we speak, and we are fluent in it.


Founder, Darlene Liebman, is a production executive with over 20 years in the business. From film to television to technology, she knows how productions are put together.

In 2010, she was named by Fast Company as one of the most influential women in technology. As an entrepreneur, she has an extensive background in online media and is the co-founder of, the instructional video website that currently boasts over 8 million YouTube subscribers with more than 4 billion views.

She has worked with a multitude of brands from Pfizer, HP, Staples, U.S. Air Force, McCann Health, U.S. Department of Defense, JetBlue, Edelman, Procter & Gamble, Pantene, Tiffany & Co. and many more.

Over the years, she saw how marketers and advertisers were needing more and more help in creating affordable and effective brand videos. She also recognized how agencies were having a difficult time with the growing requests to produce videos with smaller budgets. It was during her time at Viacom that she first began noticing the need for a curated database of talented and experienced filmmakers.

Always in the know and on the lookout for talented creatives, Darlene became the go-to for friends in the business searching for recommendations when they needed quality freelancers and teams. Thus, Creative Humans was born.

With her unique understanding of the creative process honed from working on both sides of production, Darlene launched Creative Humans as a simple but effective way to find the right filmmaker for any project, no matter the style, budget or location.

Whether you need an entire production team or just a freelancer to bolster your in-house team, Creative Humans can help you get the job done.

Darlene is passionate about producing and is a master of relationships and helping teams succeed: “It’s all about finding the best people for a job so that we don’t just meet a client’s expectations, but exceed them.”


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