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How to Build Effective Client Relationships In The Advertising Industry

Establishing effective, long-lasting client relationships in the advertising industry can be difficult but is very important for long-term success. By learning how to build successful client relationships, professionals in the advertising industry can scale their businesses and achieve sustainable growth.

Building effective relationships in the advertising industry depends on establishing personal connections, delivering high-quality work, and treating clients like partners rather than customers.

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5 Tips for Building Client Relationships in the Advertising Industry

To build effective client relationships in the advertising industry, it’s important to focus on delivering high-quality work and carefully considering your clients’ wants and needs.

Here are five tips to keep in mind to help build meaningful client relationships.

Prioritize personal connections

In the advertising industry, having good client relationships can mean the difference between long-term work and one-off advertising jobs. Long-lasting client relationships depend on establishing meaningful personal connections. Your clients need to be able to trust and depend on you, and they shouldn’t feel like they’re just another customer.

By building personal connections, you and your clients will be able to have open, meaningful, and productive discussions that contribute to a better working relationship.

Building trust and establishing meaningful personal relationships takes time, though. To accomplish this, it’s important to focus on meeting your clients’ expectations while maintaining a certain level of reliability and integrity. This means delivering projects on time, asking personal questions, and listening to your clients’ questions and concerns.

For this commercial “Life is Better on a Honda” is a clear example of delivering quality work while understanding the client. The cinematographer worked closely with Honda to create an advertisement that captures the energy and versatility of the Honda ATV line. This commercial serves as a great example of how you can effectively demonstrate the key qualities of a product via a short, 30-second ad spot.

Focus on quality

In the advertising industry, building positive client relationships depends on being able to consistently deliver high-quality work. While the personal aspects of your client relationships are important, they won’t make up for work that doesn’t meet or exceed expectations.

This is particularly important when working with new clients as first impressions can set the tone for any future projects. To ensure your work meets your clients’ expectations, be sure to ask questions about your clients’ wants and needs, carefully consider their concerns, and maintain open lines of communication with your clients.

By delivering high-quality work, not only are your clients more likely to continue working with you, but they are also more likely to refer you to others that could benefit from your services.

To promote a new health platform, this motion graphics designer used 2D animation to create this high-quality explainer video for Castell Health. This short animated video demonstrates how brands can effectively use animation to introduce new brands, products, and services to their audiences. The creator delivered high-quality work that fits the client’s message and brand.

Know how to respond to criticism

When working in the advertising industry, there will inevitably be times when clients are unhappy with the work you provide, and knowing how to respond to their criticisms can determine whether or not they stick with you going forward.

When responding to criticism from clients, be sure to be empathetic rather than defensive. Listen to their concerns and show them that you understand. Ask follow-up questions to learn how you can better meet their expectations and deliver higher-quality work in the future.

Treat clients like partners

You should always treat your clients like partners rather than customers. As partners, your growth and success is dependent on their growth and success. By treating your clients like partners, they’re more likely to trust you, knowing that you are just as invested in their success as you are in your own.

Your client relationships should be built on honesty, transparency, and trust. Focusing on these qualities will help you maintain long-term relationships that result in growth for you and your clients.

Be proactive

When working with clients, it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive. Being proactive demonstrates that you are invested in the relationship and want the relationship to succeed.

This can mean sharing new ideas for advertisements, reaching out to clients to inquire about their needs, educating clients to make more knowledgeable decisions, and making sure clients are aware of any upcoming changes to your business.

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Latest Brand Video TikTok Trends to Look for in 2022

TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social platforms in the world, making it an important aspect of any brand marketing campaign. By creating high-quality branded video content for TikTok, you can build your brand and audience organically.

TikTok trends come and go incredibly quickly, and brands need to stay on top of these trends to stay connected with their audiences. By understanding what’s in and out of style, you can optimize your TikTok content to get the most out of this popular app.

With the help of the video production professionals at Creative Humans, you can easily create high-quality TikTok videos that capitalize on new and emerging trends while sticking to your brand’s values.

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Why TikTok Trends Matter for Marketing

TikTok is one of the most popular social platforms in the world, giving brands direct access to a massive audience. Hopping on TikTok trends and adding your brand’s custom spin to them is a great way to create engaging and accessible content that resonates with a large audience.

According to Kantar, social media users tend to find TikTok ads more inspiring, trendsetting, and enjoyable than ads on other platforms. The same study also found that 72% of participants prefer TikTok’s TopView ad format over other platforms.

5 TikTok Trends to Watch in 2022

TikTok trends are fleeting, making it important for brands to stay on top of what is currently popular with consumers. As trends come and go, your business needs to adapt to keep users engaged with your brand.

Here are five of the most popular trends to look for in 2022.

TikTok dances

TikTok dances are a core part of the platform, and thanks to their simplicity and accessibility, you don’t need to be a professional to take part in these trends.

TikTok dances are typically very short and easy enough that amateurs can do them with a little bit of practice. They also offer brands the opportunity to put their own spin on them to attract more attention.

For E3 2015, Ubisoft commissioned this “Just Dance 2015” trailer, which showcases a variety of people, friends, and families playing “Just Dance.” The editor worked with the director, Joel Lava, to create this seamless, integrated video. This short video demonstrates how brands can create engaging dance videos that capitalize on popular trends and dance crazes.

Brands can use the app’s ‘Discover’ section to find what dances are currently trending, or you can search the ‘#trendingdance’ hashtag to find what’s popular.

Relevant references

One of the easiest ways for brands to connect with social media users is to make video content and ads that reference current pop culture. Not only does this make your brand more accessible to younger audiences, but it also lets you easily tap into existing fanbases.

You might reference viral TV shows, songs, memes, or current events. You can also browse the ‘Discover’ section to find trending sounds and create content using those sounds.

In an effort to increase its user base, TikTok commissioned this 10-second video “Home for the Holidays” that relates to viewers through a relatable scenario. This video serves as a great example of how brands can use humor and relevant trends to appeal to viewers and increase engagement. Check out the creator’s profile for more media and entertainment promos.

Day in the life videos

‘Day in the life’ or ‘everyday routine’ videos are very popular with TikTok users and give brands the opportunity to make themselves seem more relatable to their audiences. This gives you the chance to show your audience what your daily life is like, making it easy to establish personal connections with your viewers.

For brands, these videos might entail a day in the life of an employee or one of the faces of your business.

Check out this example “Connected Man” that follows InsideHook's Creative Director as he goes about his day, covering 12 locations in New York City in just two days. This production company turned a mundane routine into something interesting, exciting, and new.

Replying to comments

TikTok lets creators reply to comments on their TikToks with new TikToks. This makes it easy to create ongoing conversations with your followers and engage with your viewers in an entertaining way.

For example, say you create a day in the life video that features you stopping for coffee on your way to work. A commenter might ask what your typical coffee order is, and you can reply to this comment with a new video explaining your order.

Replying to comments with new video content is a great way to encourage viewers to regularly comment on your videos and stay in touch with your brand.

Catering to niche communities

There are countless niche communities and subcultures that have found a home on TikTok, including gymtok, sportstok, cleantok, etc.

Depending on your brand’s niche and target audience, you can make curated content for specific subcultures to get the most out of your video marketing content.

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