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Brian Toombs: Roku Brand Studio & "The Lesbian Bar Project"

The rise of streaming has presented a pivotal moment in time for the entertainment industry. Roku has long been offering free television to Roku users, but now Roku is changing the streaming game by launching their very own brand studio. The Roku Brand Studio is reinventing brand partnerships by creating quality entertainment that speaks directly to the Roku audience in a much more powerful way than the typical 30 second ad. The Roku Brand Studio is made up of some of the industry's top talent, including Brian Toombs as the Head of Content. After 9 years overseeing digital content at Funny or Die, Brian now leads the production crew, creatives, and project managers at Roku Brand Studio as they create impactful new Roku original content. Brian gave us an inside look at “The Lesbian Bar Project”, one of Roku Brand Studios newest projects in partnership with Jäegermeister. 

In the 1980's there were over 200 Lesbian bars in the US. Today, there are less than 25 remaining.